Policy areas; priviledges and immunities

At the time of its abolition, the Community pillar covered the following areas:

Border ControlTrans-European NetworksEconomic
and monetary union
Health care
EU CitizenshipCustom Union and Single MarketEducation and CultureTrade policy
Common Agricultural & Fisheries PolicyResearch & CompetitionEnviromental LawAsilum & social policy
Consumer ProtectionSchengen TreatyEmploymentImmigration policy
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The Protocol on the privileges and immunities of the European Communities grants the European Communities and their institutions certain privileges and immunities such as to allow them to perform their tasks.

The working conditions of staff are governed by the Communities’ staff regulations and not directly by the labour laws of the countries of employment. Their salaries, wages and emoluments are subject to a tax for the benefit of the European Communities and are, in turn, exempt from national taxes.

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